Wholesale Coordinator

Starting immediately, Kelly Rae Roberts LLC is hiring a part-time, professional team member who will help us manage and grow our growing wholesale business.

People person. Wordsmith. Sales genius. Devoted to detail. If these terms describe you, then our Wholesale Coordinator position might just be a perfect fit. Kelly Rae Roberts LLC is a strong, internationally recognized brand and business that values authenticity, joy, and creativity in the workplace. What does that look like for our employees? It looks like flexibility, a meaningful job that is a part of a company that puts good things into the world, and teamwork.

We have a growing and thriving heart-led company that involves teaching online, licensing products, selling our self-produced products in our online shop, teaching retreats, and more.

When it comes to our wholesale business, we are growing and want a Wholesale Coordinator who can specifically take this part of our business to new levels.  We care about our retail partners and want them to believe that when they order with Kelly Rae Roberts LLC, they are truly offering their customers something special.

That’s where you come in.




  • Managing our retailer relationships- Do you love connecting with people via email? Not afraid to make an occasional phone call? These skills are critical for this position! We work with retailers from across the country who are placing orders, looking for new and exciting products, and trying to keep their customers buying. This job would include managing the incoming wholesale orders, communicating new releases to our retailers, and keeping the trust high between these critical partners and our company.

  • Working with wholesale reps across the country. This mean creating and fostering positive relationships with these individuals who bring us orders from various shows and contacts. The right person for this job will be able to work with multiple reps at once and keep them informed about all our new releases, send out samples, process orders, and keep tabs on new opportunities in these areas.

  • Coordinating accounts and gathering payments. We work with a wide range of clients, from large retail chains to small brick and mortar shops. Being on top of open payments, invoicing, working with accounts payable, and tracking down money is a regular part of the job. It will mean not being afraid to ask for payments and being diligent about tracking the payments we haven't received. Being highly trustworthy and responsible is a must for this position.

  • Sales, sales, sales!- The right person for this job is all about generating leads, keeping tabs on current clients, and finding creative ways to advertise the amazing products we offer. We are looking for someone with that creative spirit who can stay on top of promotions, email campaigns, and work with our marketing team to come up with new ways to GROW our wholesale business.

  • Maintaining a regular outreach plan/calendar to generate new leads and encourage new sales from current retailers, organizing samples and outreach boxes for reps and highly engaged clients, doing regular data entry to keep track of orders, keeping up with the wholesale selling platforms to ensure they are up-to-date, answering wholesale product questions, using data to determine which products to promote, working with the entire team to lead the charge on wholesale growth. This person must have prior sales experience or similar lead management skills to be qualified for the position.




We geek out on creative ideas and implementing them.  We are a heart-centered company, which is to say we value open communication, team work, kindness, self-care, and a sense of possibility and purpose. We love fostering relationships with our community, including the people we serve and the people we work with.

Some perks of working us include flexibility, setting your own hours, remote working, access to our programs and products either free or at a deeply discounted rate. 




If this flexible and remote job sounds good to you, we'd love it if you applied. We are hiring for 15-20 hours/week for this mid-level position with the possibility of adding more hours and responsibilities in the future.



Apply by emailing with the subject: I Want To Be Your Wholesale Coordinator. Please answer the following questions in your email and attach your resume and 2 professional references with their contact information. 

  • Name:
  • Address:
  • City:
  • State:
  • Phone Number:
  • Email Address:
  • Why does this job sound like a good fit for you?
  • Tell me about the last time you helped implement a new system to make someone’s life easier and how did you make it happen? 
  • Please state your desired pay rate.

Applications for this position will close on February 15, 2024. If your application is selected to move on to our interview round, we will send you an email by February 22.



Contact us at if you have questions about the position.